My LIttle Brother Surprises Me

So my little brother was telling me about some kid he goes to school with (he's a freshman in high school) that has his own web design company or some such. Little did I know, he was serious. This kid has some space downtown back home with servers to host websites on and whatnot. His website looks quite nice actually, all clean and professional like. The kid has some clients he hosts and/or designs for and he's going to let my little brother work with him. My little brother knows hardly anything about websites right now, but we shall see how he grows and learns. He's trying to get money to buy himself a nice computer, since right now he's got the old pentium III I left him when I went off to college, hehe. So yeah, hope he does well. The kid's sites don't have much of a back end it looks like, so maybe he needs someone who can code the depth into websites... *cough* me * cough*. We all need money, and drumming up buisiness for this guy shouldn't be hard. So if you're reading this and thinking "gee, I wish I had a website," then you're in luck, cause I happen to know a guy who knows a guy who can hook you up for much cheaper than most people.

On a side note, I can now type with decent accuracy without looking at the keyboard. I still hunt and peck, but I'm a seasoned hunt and peck-er, so it looks good still.

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