Semester 1 of my Freshman Year = Complete

So my Earth Science Final this morning took a whole 25 minutes to complete and return to the dorms. I am now officially finished with all of my first semester at the Colorado School of Mines here. No more work till mid-Janurary.

I'm so very glad I won't have to take Epics or Earth Science ever again. Earth Science consists of memorizing boring things about the Earth's crust and the environment, and then goes off into all kinds of theoretical bullcrap about the beginning of the universe and the Earth itself. Why does anyone care at all about how the universe was formed? Sure, learning about our History can be helpful in learning about current day people and making guesses about the future, but that's only useful when you're talking history as in the 1400's or something. 4 billion years ago (if, in fact, the earth is anywhere near that old) offers nothing about today. You, your children, and the next 100 generations after them will all be dead long before the universe collapses in on itself or whatever crap people think is going to happen. I also like how theories like black holes and such come with excuses for not being able to prove it built into their definitions. I'll believe all that mess when I see some video tape of the first stars forming, or some photos of a black hole, heh. Heck, if someone wants to take me up in a spaceship and go see one, I'd be up for it.

Until then, it doesn't matter, and I don't believe it. So ha.

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