Front Row

So I just installed Front Row from Apple on my laptop. It didn't take long to do, and it's sweet. Now all I have to do is press buttons, and my laptop goes into media center mode. If you have a mac, you can do it too, just go here and follow the directions. I don't have much on the lappy yet, but what's on there works well. If you go into the movies section, it pulls a live list of trailors to watch in fullscreen too, I thought that was sweet in particular.

Meanwhile, no more classes, and no more assignments from lame classes like Earth Science and Epics. I'm so very glad that's over, cause I definitely don't want to do more of it. I turned in all the Earth labs I had left and completed all the Epics Papers we needed for our presentation today. Fortunately, we didn't win for our class, so we didn't have to go back later that day and stay for about 5 hours for the inter-class competitions. My roommate got second in his class, so he got to go and spend his evening being bored to tears waiting his turn. Silly him. So while he was gone, we went up to the ORC in Mines Park and watched movies on the big screen while the kids who had money left on their meal plans burned some of it for the rest of us. which reminds me, I have a drink to go grab and sip on.

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