WoW Break

So I decided to cancel my subscription to World of Warcraft and find something else to do. When a game becomes a source of frustration, it's not good to play it anymore. Life outside of WoW is frustrating enough, so I quit WoW.

now to find something else to do that's still engaging...


My Resume

Here's my resume, that should help someone hire me. Pass it to anyone you know who might hire me too.



It's pretty much official: I'll be going to Tulsa for the summer, back to stay with most of my folks. If anyone wants to give me a job there, that'd be spiffy.


Ninja-invites ^_^

This afternoon I logged into World of Warcraft for a bit before calc and instantly got an invite to go with some guild peoples to an instance I've been wanting to go to. I had calc in 30 mins so I could come, but it still made my day.


No such file or directory?

134 def fileDump
135 @toDump = getPoem(@params[:poemnumber])
136 File::open( "public/poem-" + Date.today.to_s + ".xml", "w" ) do |f|
137 f << ""
138 f << "" + Date.today.to_s + ""
139 @toDump.each do |p|
140 #Writes out the contents of the table section for this poem.
141 f << "\n "
142 f << "\n " + p.poemline + ""
143 f << "\n " + p.user.firstname + " " + p.user.lastname + ""
144 f << "\n "
145 end
146 f << "
147 end
148 emptyPoem
149 end


Poems inspired by "Nature and Human Values", a freshman class.

Makes me cry
I wanna die
I give a sigh
and go to class.

a haiku for NHV:
a bad class for us
engineers aren't writers
as you can see here

A Land Ethic:
this land is your land.
Well actually, just my land.
so get the hell off.

I even wrote a song, probably needs some work, but meh.


NHV is gay
I just thought I'd say
that I never want to stay
in NHV, no way.

Verse 2

NHV sucks
I just feel like I am stuck
and I don't give a f
'bout what she's saying.

Verse 3

NHV to me
makes me want to burn a tree
and drive an SUV
just for giggles.


I hate this class
NHV sucks ass
I just want to pass
and never go again.

Naked CSS Day

Happy naked css day, take the css off your websites, it's the cool thing to do. I did it to mine!


When programming in ruby (or most other programming languages), please keep in mind that "=" is totally different than "==". In ruby's case, a single "=" assigns a value to a variable while two "=" will check to see if the value on either side is equal.

So if a conditional isn't doing what's expected, check how many "=" there are!