More fun with Mac OS X

So when you get a basic windows install, you usually get some random card games and minesweeper and whatnot. There's none of that on an apple. My computer came with some random 3d game to show off that the laptop can handle 3d applications/graphics and chess. After amusing myself for a while with the 3d game (Nanosaur 2: The Hatchling), I went over to chess. When I opened up chess, the icon I remember as being the deal that shows wether or not the computer is listening to your voice shows up. Instantly I assume something interesting is buried in this newer version of chess (last time I played with chess, it was when the first OS X version was out and our computer lab back home had them) and looked in the preferences. This new version of Chess comes with the ability to talk to your computer as you play. It uses Apple's voice recognition to allow you to tell it what move you want to make. No more dragging peices around, you just say "Knight d3 to e5" or some such, and the computer knows what to do. Then, if you want, it will speak it's move back to you with whatever voice is set in your voice preferences. I like discovering new features in things I didn't know about. I don't remember anyone saying anything about the speech chess, but it's there and it's nifty.

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