My First App: Currency Converter

My very first application for Mac OSX (complete with a gui and everything) got finished today. You enter in a dollar ammount and the exchange rate of of the dollar to whatever currency you want, then it tells you how much your money's worth. Not very complicated or anything, but I wrote it and it makes sense, so I'm happy. Now you all can look forward to seeing more useful apps pop out (ok, maybe I'll make some more pointless ones first) in the future!

Apple Store Opening: Boulder CO - 29th Street Store

So my roommate and I drove to Boulder this morning right after Diff-Eq to be part of the first mob of people to walk into the Apple Store on 29th Street. We both got nifty t-shirts and put our names in for the other drawings they were having. I enjoyed it.

People passing by kept asking us why we're all lined up outside the store. I guess grand openings aren't that exciting to them... silly them.


iBook Photos

So I took some pictures of my ibook for this guy that wants to buy it. Thought I'd post em here too.


By Jove, they've done it!

I recently told one of my friends that if I ever blew like 300$+ on a cell phone, I would be more concerned with the ability to use open wifi points to make calls through when I was in range of one instead of using my cell phone minutes. D-link's done it, and it'll cost about 600$, heh. So I guess in the next year or so my dream comes true.


3 Days of Homelessness

So Sunday, Oct. 1st, Tim and I left our unfortunate living arrangement and started our time as homeless bums. Sunday night we stayed with my friends Ferg and Matt (who's floor was quite cold), Monday night I slept at Nick/Tony/Lauren's place while Tim slept in the van our stuff was piled in (which Tim says was quite warm). Last night I slept in the Assylum while Tim used the couch in the dorms with guys who used to live on our floor last year. Today however, is the end of our bum-time. Our new place will be ready to sign the lease and move into our new home. Wheee.