Pong version 1.0.2!

So I decided to work on Pong again, re-worked it and whatnot. Now it's new and improved and you can all get it here! Give it a try, pretty sure you'll find 100% less "ball moves through paddle" syndrome.


My Life's goal:

To have as much time as possible to spend with friends and family and to have to tell people as little as possible that I'm too tired or too busy to see them.


DCGN 381- Intruduction to Circuits, Electronics, and Power

Today we finished talking about basic circuits with just resistors and sources in them and went on to intruduce the topic of capacitors. Instead of physics200 style where we spent all that time learning and caring about how a capacitor is created and what causes capacitance, we just went straight into "this is what happens when I ram one in a circuit." Not with direct current, mind you, she also intruduced alternating current (AC)! There's lots of derivatives and integrals involved and she mentioned things from differential equations (like the Laplace domain) which makes me pumped because all the seemingly arbitrary crap we learned in diff-eq will actually prove applicable to anything I'll ever do! Even better: my ti-89 (my calculus-doing calculator) gets to take the course with me :)


on the lack of posts

So I haven't posted anything here in a while, but I blame Blogger here for being terribly buggy. I would come here with the intention of writing something, but Blogger would keep me from getting to the "new post" page for so long that I'd forget what I wanted to say.


The measure of how much you want something (or someone) is how much you're willing to fight for it.