So my earbuds broke getting on the plane to come back home yesterday. Then I got back and tried to install steam so I could play me some CS:S since I ain't played in months, but Steam couldn't connect to the Valve network, so I uninstalled it and re-installed it. Somehow that deleted my WoW folder, so now I'm reinstalling that. Such weirdness.


but.... why?

rake environment RAILS_ENV=production migrate
(in /users/home/sgoodwin/releases/20060321212732)
rake aborted!
Access denied for user 'sgoodwin'@'localhost' (using password: NO)


It Begins!

After a bit of wrastlin with the TextDrive setup, we begin!



check out the new button ->

Now you can leave me voice messages if you have a microphone on your computer. Try it out! Just click the button on the side there that button with the bird on it and follow the instructions it gives.


Spring Break

I'm in Sarasota. Florida.


oh man

It's only about halfway through march, but I'm already up to .01$ earned for people coming to see this blog!


"I know you may be alarmed to hear that I have a daughter. You think my writing is indicative of a palsied or infantile mind. Well, please rest. I don’t have a daughter. But I can’t let that stop me from sorting out her musical training."
-- why's poignant guide to ruby


that which needs a name

The project I am now calling "Operation Accordion" is quite close to completion and has still yet to recieve an official name. It will be good once it's out. If only the designer I picked could actually meet any time soon...



any time your school wants you to attend talks where the subject is dating || relationships, do not go with anyone you are at all interested in. It is a date rape talk trap and you will regret it.


theBlook.gsub!(theBlook.org, rebirth)

11:10:27 PM me: I'm writing a website
11:10:33 PM me: so the world can do accordion poems
11:10:46 PM bob: a truly noble objective

That is it. The whole idea of writing stories together seems like it would not work that well. So the code I wrote/am writing is moving into a different, cooler direction. the world will soon be able to experience the sheer joy of accordion poems.