It's been a while

It's been a while since I posted, mainly 'cause there's not too much excitement sitting at home for the summer. There are some things I sit and read about in between job hunting though.

1. Gaming: wether or not to give up on computer games and go console. Consoles got much more appealing to me now that all the latest generation is or will be online. Before consoles got real boring once you beat the little single player game you had unless your friends were over.

2. Profession: I still have no idea what I want to do when I get out of college, just a growing list of things I don't want to do.

3. School Performance: I need to try something different next semester, need better grades.

4. Networking: when I go back to Colorado, there's a room in a house with my name on it and other rooms that need networking. I want it done cleanly though, not a bajillion wires and cords running down the hall or anything.

5. Hobbies: I have alot of things I got into other than video games, none of which I do exceptionally well. Maybe I need to go through and give up on some of them altogether and focus on just one or two of them.


The Club

I went to the club tonight... definitely not something to add to the "Good Things About Tulsa" list.


yay for Qwest dsl!

Our dreams of making money to pay for our internet connection for the new house in Golden can still come true. At first we thought we weren't going to be able to since SpeakEasy can only supply us with a 1.5Mbps dsl connection. I love SpeakEasy because unlike most Cable providers, once you pay for the service you're free to do anything you want to it like share the connection with your neighbors or run commercial server's from your home. After some slightly frustrating phone conversation, however, I have found that Qwest's dsl service offers that same freedome we know and love. They might even be able to supply us with a 3.0 Mbps connection, which would be enough bandwidth to actually share with people or run a server off of.



Summer Money

So all the jobs I've found in Tulsa here so far that would hire me won't because I'm leaving in August.

the odd jobs are starting to accumulate though, so if anyone has any, lemme do em.

Odd Jobs so far:
1. Digitizing speeches on tape and editing them, 15$/tape. (good for about 20 tapes)
2. Maybe doing some website stuff for the church, backend type programming.
3. Sub-out for anyone at Aktec Computer who goes on vacation this summer.



iBook Screens

iBook Screens are very bad at being visible outdoors. Especially in bright sun. Just fyi.