3am Bus Station

It's 3am and I'm at a bus station in Amarillo Texas. Horray for whoever around here owns the "linksys" router :P


Secret Photo Surfaces!

This is a photo a friend of mine took in high school. She enjoyed it alot.


Pong Progress!

So it's finals week. AKA best time of the semester to work on pong! (cause there's no homework, just a 2-hour exam). I've got the ball bouncing around the screen, now I just need to get the paddles moving and have the ball bounce off those :)


Oh dear

So my friend cnf linked me to this video that's pretty well done. So if you're reading this, you should watch it.


My Christmas Wish List

People have been asking about this and I didn't have an answer. But now I do!

My Christmas Wish List (with convenient web-examples)


this is an awesome site on of the guys I know from #macosx created. it's his first sql-based site and it's nifty. you can login and submit writing (any type) and then it generates an rss feed for all the work you've created to share with people. I don't write but maybe you do!