good stuff

My roommate happened to have the entire series of .hack//sign, so of course I'm watching it all. In between hunting for a job that is. The soon to be renamed theblook.org project will continue, I have a coding partner now, he's getting himself familiar with the code we have already. Meanwhile I still need a job. so I can make money and stuff, heh.

So hire me, please. Especially if you're in Colorado.


Glory Road

approximately 102 minutes of inspiration. go see it.


oh yeah

I like Ace of Base, forgot to say that.


Today is a good day, I'm quite pleased.

-8am Chem2 Recitation I got to leave after 15 mins from because I didn't need help and our prof doesn't suck.
-10am Physics Studio Makeup from missing the one I was supposed to go to yesterday morning because I felt bad.
-Lunch afterwards with Anna

And now to sit on my ass for about 2 hours until I have to get up and go to Calc3 to end my day. :)


Vista Sucks

So I installed the latest and greatest from Microsoft, the most recent developer's build of Windows Vista (to be released this year, so they claim). It sucks. If you took windows xp you currently have, added some fancy transparency and shadows (that linux users and mac users could enjoy for a while now and also requires accelerated video hardware to not suck) and then add faster searching ability (that only works on your home folder, we even told it specifically to allow searching of other folders, and it failed to find anything in them) you'll pretty much get windows vista. Only thing I did like was that whenever I ran an installer for some application, I got pop-up notices from windows alerting me to the installer's attempt at adding itself to the list of thigns to run on start-up and whatnot. Now the average windows user wouldn't know what the heck it meant, but those of us who know what it means know that being able to tell it not to let it add itself to the startup list while you're installing the software is a happy thing. I didn't test any games other than the fancy version of minesweeper, hearts, and spider solitare packaged with Vista, so I'm not sure how annoying the extra security settings would be when trying to play popular games ( kind of like xp installs using Norton's internet security that makes people want to punch through walls).

So don't buy it. Unless you have to. Or you'll cry later.

So now that I had all the fun (or lack of fun) I wanted with windows vista, I then proceeded to get it the heck off my system. This meant booting back into my wonderful gentoo linux installl and telling it to promptly write random data (which would probably function better as an operating system than windows) all over the hard drive that vista was installed on. Hours later, the 45G's I had given to vista to play with was completely overwritten, with no vista remaining. :)


Art Class for Engineers

So my school decided to hire an art teacher to teach a once-weekly night class labeled "intermediate art". It's good fun and I'm learning all kinds of things no one ever told me and I never thought about, but it's work. Having to do this little bit of work for art every week allows me a tiny glimpse of what it would be like to go to a full-time art school. Let's just say I don't think I would enjoy that now as much as I thoght I might earlier in my college career.


TheBlook.org :X

So TheBlook.org is no longer TheBlook. I'd very much still like to get this code out into the wild and into people's browsers, but it won't come in that name. My would-be partner hasn't gotten in contact with me since Christmas, and when I asked him about getting us hosting he told me to give him a week. This has been plenty of time, and I've not heard anything from him. I've tried to get into contact with him via email and aim and skype, but so far nothing. So I'm moving forward without him. I wrote the code, so I'll simply change the name and the little bit of art he did generate to make sure no legal issues could come up. I'm not the only one to write colaborative story-writing code, so he can't keep that from me.

So basically I'm looking for some partners. I'm not a very sharp designer, so one of those would help. I also need someone with a more buisiness-oriented mind to replace my ex-partner. So if anyone's reading this and wants to help start something, lemme know.

you can get ahold of me any number of ways:
aim : mukmantheorigina
yahoo: goodwinlabs
msn: APmaster@hotmail.com
skype: muk_amd64
phone: (303) 215-6439 (I don't have an answering machine as usually the only one who calls me is my mom. If no one picks up it's probably cause I'm not there.)

Or of course you can come see me in person here on campus somewhere.

By partnering up with me for this, you'd be entitled to a % of any money we got for it, and of course your name all over it. Thanks!

Intermediate Art!

So tonight I had my first art class, and I quite enjoyed it. We'll spend the next semester working with all sorts of mediums while he teaches us all kinds of technical parts of the work we're doing. 26 kids in the room, a few of them were on the waiting list (which apparantly is long) who came just in case there was space. Anyone who didn't show up for class that was enrolled is punted as of tonight to make room for the waiting list kids who did show up. The class is only 1 credit, but should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I volunteered to make the Colorado School of Mines Art Club website . It's always good to practice lots of whatever art you're into. Excpect the site to be mostly totally done by this weekend. I have to meet with the President of the Art Club who gave me everything to put into the site to make sure everything's the way she wants it.


Been Busy

So I havn't posted anything in a little while, so I figured I'd post some now. I've been working on some projects like so:

1. Get lvl 40 + mount for my character in World of Warcraft (completed!)
2. Make website for the CSM Art Club
3. Hassle my partner into getting us hosting so theblook.org can go live (which might not happen =/)
4. Learn vim (completed!)
5. Get school work done.

(not necessarily in that order)


Mac World expo = TODAY

MacWorld Expo in SF is today! Steve Job's Keynote should be online for viewing soon. The Apple Store has a "down for maintenance" sign on it, and the ROKR phone on the Cingulair site is no longer listed
, so of course the rumor mongers are out in numbers. I'm just waiting to hear the keynote, new things will be announce and almost all of me affect me positively. Sooner they get intel macs going though, sooner the kinks will be all worked out when I go to buy one :P


My Return Home

So my flight got in today. Flew through St. Paul again and now I'm back home. I was all set to bum/bus/taxi my way home from the airport since no one was able to come get me at the airport, but I ended up not having to. I flew from St. Paul to Denver next to two guys on their way to Vale for a ski trip. they also wanted to go visit the Coors Brewery which happens to be right next to campus. So they asked me how I was getting home, and then insisted they take me in their rental car on their way to Coors. so I got a free, quick ride back to campus and all was good. Worked out nicely cause I got to use the money mom gave me for a cab or w/e to eat since the school's cafe isn't open until tomorrow at lunch. :)


I'm home tomorrow!

So I'll be back home tomorrow, flying in and stuff. So from 12:30ish when I get there until whenever, I get to find a way home. It shall be an adventure, as the airport is on the other side of Denver from Golden. And seeing as how I can't get ahold of anyone -in- Colorado to come get me, I'll be winging it home, hehe. Wish me luck!

Rofl @ Windows Vista doing what Apple's OS X has been doing since Tiger

This guy made two short videos where the audio track is the presenter at the CES 2006 show where Mr. Gates was showing off the new Windows Vista (shown here) while the video is of Apple's Tiger doing much of the same things as they say are amazing innovations that Microsoft has come up with. Very funny stuff, especially seeing as the next version of OS X is coming, and will go even further to make windows look silly.



WoW! A Dashboard widget that isn't totally useless!

These nice people have created a widget that isn't totally useless (aside from the occasional notes and weather widget)! It links up with your backpack from backpackit to display your notes and lists and whatnot you have put up there. It's a handy organizer for people who move computers often. Speaking of widgets, I also read that KDE might nativly support widgets in the upcoming 4.0 version of KDE. Since widgets are just html and javascript mostly, it wouldn't be hard, especially seing as Apple's Safari and KDE's Konquror both use the khtml rendering engine. :) Could be fun.