Coact Mockups

I'm not an artist or anything, but here's my initial ideas for the site my housemate and I are going to try to make. He still needs to make whatever changes he wants to make, so, of course, this is nothing permanent.

Initial Entry Page (maybe something different for people who are already logged in or something...):

User's profiles (giving credit to whom credit is due):

Graphical-story view (perhaps):


Still working for Clickcaster

So I had in my mind to quit working for clickcaster.com today, but after talking to our founder and CEO, Scott Converse, I was convinced to stay. I'll be a part-time employee and work form home, which makes me happier. We're still ironing out exactly what I'll be working on, but I will in face be working on something to benefit the site.


Hilarious mac vs pc spoofs


Behold, the power of testing.

So I was working on my little project web application and thought I'd try applying "attr_protected" to one of the fields of my Item model. It's used to keep fields you don't want users to be able to change from being changed unless you go directly through the model. After making the change, I ran my unit tests again and found that they now failed ( all tests passed last time I was working on this project ). I thought to myself
ooo, if this were in production or something, applying attr_protected could have broken something and made people sad, but since I had a test that failed because of the change, I was aware of the potential breakage before I would have put this up to the public.
Not that what I'm working on really matters for much, but it's good to know I did something useful.

new Feed

If anyone is subscribed to this blog, please use this feed instead.

that's : http://feeds.feedburner.com/Freshman15


iTunes + Facebook?

iTunes + Facebook = free music every week for people with facebook accounts! Just login to your account and find the "apple students" group in the group directory. Then click and get your code to redeem for this week's "alternative" music sampler. I've never heard any of em, but they don't sound bad, so we'll see. Other weeks beteween now and 9/30 will be different genres, so it might mean I'll get to hear some good hip-hop/rap that I haven't heard before, hmmmm.

My sudo-podcast.

Get your own Podcast player at www.clickcaster.com

This is our embedded player. If you hada podcast through us, you could put this into your blog/myspace page or w/e and people could hear it on the site. I doesn't handle the video I uploaded, which is a shame cause that's what I actually wanted you all to see.


test your rails app for slashdot/digg'ing

just put this in a script or something and you can see if your rails app chokes when you start getting alot of crazy traffic. Thanks to j'ey from #rubyonrails

require 'net/http'
page = "the_rails_page"

Test-driven Development

So I've been reading more about this test-driven development stuff and it makes me cry cause i think about work and how none of the stuff we write is properly tested. We still do things the old way where we write until the feature we're adding is complete then test it after it's done manually. I don't know how we're writing proper testing for things like the recorder/uploader applet, but it would sure as heck beat sitting around uploading random files all day and checking logs/consoles and crap.
That's the other problem we have is the broad scale of things we have in our site. We have everything from javascript to flash players to java applets all over the rails base we built the site on, and that makes things complicated.



I just thought I'd thank the big G for my friend Tim and his ideas/opinions. Tonight's brainstorming got us some ideas that could be quite interesting.

We shall see!



It's 16506, not what I said before.


I'm home!

16501 W. 14th St.
Golden CO, 80401

It's so wonderful to be back in Colorado. My basement room won't be done until around September, but I've got one of the rooms upstairs until then, and I can setup w/e downstairs when they're not working on it. I am quite pleased.



Tonight I defeated the evils of ajax written in a hurry. A certain developer who will remain unnamed makes all of us at Clickcaster cry when we see places where his code is still there.

But I beat it, it's nicer now. Works like it should and everything (unlike previous code I replaced).

so yay.


It's official!

I now work for clickcaster. I'll be paid enough to pay for rent, food, and have plenty left over until we get more investors and I can be paid even more :)

so I'm leaving for Colorado July 14th, and I'm only coming back to visit. I'm so happy right now it's hard to work, hehe