Christmas Fun, but not for TheBlook

This morning my family and my mom's side of my extended family had your basic Christmas present session. We all watched and laughed as my nephew deleriously ran back and forth between his new car thing and his new tent/fort/playset deal. There wasn't enough room for both though, so we had to take down the tent/fort, that way he could drive his car around the floor and the rest of us could walk anywhere. (Couldn't upload the rest of the images, silly Flickr upload limit on free accounts.. hehe).

Meanwhile, on the internet. A certain website does not yet exsist, due to some unknown difficulty with my partner getting the website hosted. I shall try to contact him soon as I can to get this fixed, as I would love for people to be able to see all our (read my) hard work.

Oh wells, enjoy your breaks and stuff!

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