new home

I'm looking for a new house, need to leave the one i'm in before sept. 15th. the house itself isn't bad, but things are turning out totally different from the expected/planned situation before i agreed to live in the house, so i'm gone. so if anyone knows of a place, lemme know.


I have a job!

You can now find me in the compting center on sundays from 9am to 5pm and in the CTLM from ~3pm to 6pm and more hours to come, soon as the higher-ranking people get their hours set.

I'm a consultant or w/e now!



This is the most amazing video known to man.

Expose' + Spaces in Leopard


Timothy Returns!

My partner in crime and ex-roommate (now housemate), Tim, has arrived in Golden. Tomorrow we begin our first day our new project. You can expect to see more soon as we can finally get work done!


Nokia 6102i customization continues

Today I whipped out the manual and looked up how to set the menus on my phone. I didn't pay extra for any of cingular's extra internet abilities, so I didn't want to keep accidentally connecting to the medianet stuff. Now my directional button shortcuts are Missed calls, calendar, address book, and my "My Stuff" folder. I also edited down the "Go to" menu to only include what I wanted, that way you don't have to scroll through the list. What's the point of a shortcut list if it takes just as long to scroll and find what you want as it does to just go through the regular menu to get to it?

Now to read people's cellphone reporting of WWDC...


more fun with the nokia 6102i

So today I thought I'd spend some time with my phone and make it my own. In search of ringtones, I found this magical place called VG Music with all sorts of midi files of your favorite video games. I downloaded some from the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time to try on my phone.

Fyi: when you're picking out tunes for your phone, keep in mind that things don't sound the same on your computer's speakers as they do on your phone. So listen to em on your phone.


my new phone, the nokia 6102i

So today I got my first phone ever, the nokia 6102i. It was good and cheap with the plan I picked out (esp thanks to me being a student at Mines and stuff). My buddy e1f thought I should write about my initial impressions and impressions, so here goes:

  • It's your basic, shiny, flip-phone.

  • Your usual extra stuff like the built-in camera and bluetooth chip

  • Thanks to one of my other buddies, rump, the phone syncs with my iBook through the bluetooth.

  • Pretty color screen

  • Easy-to-navigate menu with nifty shortcut feature for the comming things

I'm quite pleased so far, I was plotting on getting the cheapest phone possible and buying some unlocked phone from Europe to replace it with, but that doesn't look like it'll be necessary!

Thanks cingular man for setting me up.