I have a home!

I will be officially not homeless this monday. We'll be reviewing the lease for our new place right next to campus. So once we get in we might try to have something, just gotta meet with the neighbors and junk.

So keep your eyes out for free furniture and stuff, some of it could prove useful.


know thine house/roommate

This is a public service announcement.

Do NOT, I repeat NOT, decide to live with people unless you know them thoroughly. I thought my housemate to be one of the most rational females I knew, but that was only until I began to live with her. Now I have to find a new place to live as of Oct. 1st and until then I am afraid of what will happen when I do go to the house I pay rent to live in ( while she does not pay rent, because her mother is the landlord). Also NEVER agree to live in a home where the landlord is in any way related to someone you live with. No matter how objective the landlord is regarding any dispute you and your house/roommate, they will most likely end up not siding with you and you will find yourself homeless.

If you value your sanity, run for your life when someone so much as offers such a living situation.


My Birthday Approaches

Sept. 26th is my birthday. I shall turn 20. I am having a party at my house this coming Saturday (Sept. 23rd I think that is.) for all of you who are near enough to get there. Just bring your laptop or console and any games, and we'll be playing until we drop!

For those of you who can't come, you should call me. Email me if you don't have my number.


Facebook Haters: Watch this video and stfu plz.

This wonderful person makes some very interesting points about Facebook and those who hate the new news feed deal.

Watch it or else!


A first ever!

This semester marks the first humanities class I actually enjoy. I am taking Intro to Law and Legal Systems as taught by Richard A. Levine. It is the best 3 hours a week of humanities I've ever been forced to take (except maaaybe in ethics, but not cause I liked the subject... it was a class full of seniors last semester of highschool). I love how it's not some tree-hugging nature class or some poetry mis-interperatation class. It's actually useful information about the powers and rights we have as US citizens. The law is there to protect us and ensure our rights, but they don't do any good if you don't know they're there.

Just hope hell doesn't start getting colder or anything...