Denver Cocoaheads Brewing

So if anyone happens to be reading this and is thinking to themselves, "Why the heck doesn't Denver have a Cocoaheads if freaking Colorado Springs can have their own?" then worry no more! Send me emails and you'll be one of the first to experience Cocoaheads in the Denver area!


correction on Remember download

So the server you're downloading from doesn't support symlinks for some reason, so you'll need to use this link to download a copy:

Click here for fun times!


Remember version 1.0 is out!

So I wrote this app that records reminders for yourself via your iSight or whatever and slaps them onto events so that these reminders get played back at given times to remind you about them.

Version 1.0 is out and if you have OSX 10.5, you're welcome to give it a try!

Don't forget to send feedback to the address in the README file in your dmg :)


Other people I met at WWDC

So now that I finished my program, I can write some more. Here is a list of some of the people I met:

Was really awesome to hear from everyone, even the people I missed on this list (like all the Apple Engineers who were awesome). Maybe one day people will want to meet me...


WWDC 2007: Covesutra

Tonight I met the mind behind Coversutra at the Delicious Generation party here in San Francisco. Sophia has done a wonderful job with this app making it pretty nice to look at and use. I'm not a journalist or anything, so my review here is not nearly as amazing as her program, but if you are reading this, you should check it out and tell everyone you know.




only watch the above-linked video if you are ready for a touching experience that may in fact make you cry.