So I thought I'd google for myself to see if this blog could be found by people looking for things related to me on google. Google for things like "Ryan Goodwin" and you'll find stuff I went to looong long time ago mixed in with lots of things that have nothing to do with me. Search for something like "Samuel 'Artoo' Goodwin" and you'll find some things about me, like this blog, and then various Star Wars type things that mention people named Samuel on the same site. "Goodwinlabs" however gets you a few pages of things that are almost all me (such as my flickr account, my del.icio.us account and so forth) except for one that looks weird. "Freshman 15" gets you lots of junk about losing weight in college and nothing about this blog for pages and pages. Maybe I should change the blog's name to somehting involving goodwinlabs, as that seems to be much less common and would more likely bring people here if they were looking. I should probably buy up goodwinlabs.com and such before some squater grabs them from under me.
Goodwinlabs was the name I used on my original website hosted on my friend's server before he reformated it and didn't feel like setting the web server back up. It had all my cg works in progress and finished products in a nifty basic html page. The biggest part of the site I was proud of was the image map I used for the main page. Too bad that image doesn't exists anymore, I took lots of time to make it. With M$ Paint, mind you.

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