I did it!

So after a week of working with www.clickcaster.com, I was given my fate assignment. Our accountant needed dynamic reports for the buying and selling that goes on on the site, and they picked me to do it. I just got off the phone with our accountant, and she is happy with the results. Now that it's done, I get to have my work running on the production server and I get to talk to our lead developer about getting paid for work ( this first 2 weeks I've been "unpaid intern" status).


No Time for Testing

IF you find yourself writing any kind of code that is for more than just giggles keep one single thing in mind before you write any code:

There is always time for testing.

Test-driven development not only defines a clear expectation of the code you write, it makes the world a more magical place. Especially if you plan on doing anything with your code, write tests for it. This will save you headaches hunting down bugs later when you could have identified exactly what was acting up right after you wrote the code for it.

Otherwise, you'll have to hire someone like me to come in and write it for you, hehe.


So it's official

I am a professional Rails Developer. I will be working for the boys at www.clickcaster.com to get everything ship-shape and make it a generally nicer experience. I get access to all the goods/servers tomorrow!

Sooner I can leave Albertsons and Oklahoma in general the better, heh.

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This is a test.

Flock now supports blogger, so I'm looking to see if it works. If you all can read this, flock's blogger support is fine.


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Summer Work

So since I could get any cool jobs this summer, I had to start working at Albertsons, the grocery store down the street. For a high school job it would be an awesome place to work. I should have worked there instead of going to Chick-fil-a.

1. albertsons is much closer
2. it's a bigger store, so there's somewhere to go to get away from upset customers you can't help.
3. I don't smell like chicken when I come home.

So I'll stay here and unpack groceries until either it's time to go back for school or the people at www.clickcaster.com decide to hire me as an intern. I really hope they hire me, that would mean leaving early.