Pong version 1.0.2!

So I decided to work on Pong again, re-worked it and whatnot. Now it's new and improved and you can all get it here! Give it a try, pretty sure you'll find 100% less "ball moves through paddle" syndrome.

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Anonymous said...

Okay. I downloaded Pong 1.0.2 and played it. Yes the "through the paddle" was fixed. I also played the earlier version and was frustrated by that problem.

Being the old man that I am, I can remember playing the original Pong with my friends. Your versions is a fairly good copy of the original.

Here are a few suggestions for your next version:

1. Correct the accompanying text file. It currently states that Player 1 uses "a" and "l" instead of "a" and "s".

2. Since the motion of the paddles is up and down, why not pick to keys that are in the same direction (i.e. Player 1 = a & q while Player 2 = l & p). This would relieve the brain from trying to coordinate the movement.

3. Cut the paddles in half (the old Pong machines had a switch that would toggle back and forth).

4. Try speeding up the ball just a small fraction.

These few changes will bring back old memories for sure.

Just another old man . . .

Know that you are loved.