TheBlook.org :X

So TheBlook.org is no longer TheBlook. I'd very much still like to get this code out into the wild and into people's browsers, but it won't come in that name. My would-be partner hasn't gotten in contact with me since Christmas, and when I asked him about getting us hosting he told me to give him a week. This has been plenty of time, and I've not heard anything from him. I've tried to get into contact with him via email and aim and skype, but so far nothing. So I'm moving forward without him. I wrote the code, so I'll simply change the name and the little bit of art he did generate to make sure no legal issues could come up. I'm not the only one to write colaborative story-writing code, so he can't keep that from me.

So basically I'm looking for some partners. I'm not a very sharp designer, so one of those would help. I also need someone with a more buisiness-oriented mind to replace my ex-partner. So if anyone's reading this and wants to help start something, lemme know.

you can get ahold of me any number of ways:
aim : mukmantheorigina
yahoo: goodwinlabs
msn: APmaster@hotmail.com
skype: muk_amd64
phone: (303) 215-6439 (I don't have an answering machine as usually the only one who calls me is my mom. If no one picks up it's probably cause I'm not there.)

Or of course you can come see me in person here on campus somewhere.

By partnering up with me for this, you'd be entitled to a % of any money we got for it, and of course your name all over it. Thanks!

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