Intermediate Art!

So tonight I had my first art class, and I quite enjoyed it. We'll spend the next semester working with all sorts of mediums while he teaches us all kinds of technical parts of the work we're doing. 26 kids in the room, a few of them were on the waiting list (which apparantly is long) who came just in case there was space. Anyone who didn't show up for class that was enrolled is punted as of tonight to make room for the waiting list kids who did show up. The class is only 1 credit, but should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I volunteered to make the Colorado School of Mines Art Club website . It's always good to practice lots of whatever art you're into. Excpect the site to be mostly totally done by this weekend. I have to meet with the President of the Art Club who gave me everything to put into the site to make sure everything's the way she wants it.

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