my new phone, the nokia 6102i

So today I got my first phone ever, the nokia 6102i. It was good and cheap with the plan I picked out (esp thanks to me being a student at Mines and stuff). My buddy e1f thought I should write about my initial impressions and impressions, so here goes:

  • It's your basic, shiny, flip-phone.

  • Your usual extra stuff like the built-in camera and bluetooth chip

  • Thanks to one of my other buddies, rump, the phone syncs with my iBook through the bluetooth.

  • Pretty color screen

  • Easy-to-navigate menu with nifty shortcut feature for the comming things

I'm quite pleased so far, I was plotting on getting the cheapest phone possible and buying some unlocked phone from Europe to replace it with, but that doesn't look like it'll be necessary!

Thanks cingular man for setting me up.

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Andrew Ferguson said...

Cingular? WTF? You gotta get yourself "in"!