Poems inspired by "Nature and Human Values", a freshman class.

Makes me cry
I wanna die
I give a sigh
and go to class.

a haiku for NHV:
a bad class for us
engineers aren't writers
as you can see here

A Land Ethic:
this land is your land.
Well actually, just my land.
so get the hell off.

I even wrote a song, probably needs some work, but meh.


NHV is gay
I just thought I'd say
that I never want to stay
in NHV, no way.

Verse 2

NHV sucks
I just feel like I am stuck
and I don't give a f
'bout what she's saying.

Verse 3

NHV to me
makes me want to burn a tree
and drive an SUV
just for giggles.


I hate this class
NHV sucks ass
I just want to pass
and never go again.


Me said...

that poem rocks!

Anonymous said...

This is so true and so awesome