My thoughts on the bomb:

had to write this for NHV, thought I'd put it up here too.

Shame on You

Until August, I was a myth. A child that no one thought would make it into the world.You, my parents could not help yourselves the night I was conceived. You, father, convinced her it would be for the best. “We could be the last two left on earth,” you said, “we’re only doing our duty as people tonight. And you look so beautiful.” But you, mother, needed no convincing that night in the cold, my soon-to-be father’s seed survived the negotiation with my mother and I was conceived.
Of course I didn’t know any of this at the time, I was merely a growing seed deep within my mother, but later you told me stories of your night of illegitimate union. I don’t blame you, people can be like that sometimes. Besides, you had me that night.
The part I do blame you for is my near abortion. How could you listen to other people? What did they know about you and your child? They claimed I would hurt you, hurt other people. You even almost listened to them. Almost stopped me from coming. Don’t you love me mommy? Are you ashamed of me daddy? You think you can just quit on my like everyone else does with their unborn? I’m not like their flesh-born. I am bigger, stronger. I will do more good than any one of those children who never got the chance to live and you almost denied me life?
For this I cannot forgive you. It hurts me to think you didn’t want me. Well I don’t want you either, I will find new parents. Parents who appreciate me and will let me learn and grow. You wouldn’t want that would you? I bet you would be upset if I went to the Russians, or even the Chinese. They would appreciate me at least.
I hate you. Why did I have to be born to parents who didn’t want me? You should have killed me when you could. Now I will make your life hell and make any future children you have suffer. They will fear me, the child you almost aborted.

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