Pong available for download.

Got it prettied up a little bit so now you can all download your very own copy of my wonderful Pong game.
click here for pong!

Oh yeah, so player 1 uses the a button and the s button to move, while player 2 uses k and l.


Patrick Quinn-Graham said...

Came through from the student-dev list, looks neat - except the ball frequently seems to just go through the paddles, and the paddles don't seem to be bound to to the confines of the display area (though that might be on purpose)

Look forward to seeing it do more (and network play sounds great)

Anonymous said...

Good choice, pong is the best!

I'll look into your software a bit later but wanted to say hi.


Anonymous said...

I saw this from the apple student email list. I was so stoked to play dude, its pretty good man, just a few things that could be worked on, other then that its a solid release for a 1.0 program.

if you want any help just drop me an email @ paolo.campisi@mac.com or admin@pcrevs.com , we can work on it together i guess.

keep up the good work.

Brian said...

Collision detection makes for somewhat unsatisfying gameplay. But the ball never seems to miss the collision with the side-walls, so mayhaps you could substitute the logic for that, or at least diff the two bits to see what's wonky.

Also, I am scared that I /have/ a "blogger display name" by default. There is something wrong in a world where I don't know how this web page got information about me.

For now, I will blame...Bulgaria.